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Randy Marsden
Posts by Randy Marsden
Randy Marsden is the founder of the MIPS consulting firm MarsdenAdvisors.
Updating your Direct Addresses in NPPES

Have you had difficulties finding a referring provider's direct...

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Continue your medical practice operations with telehealth

Telehealth (or telemedicine) is highly regulated, and as a result,...

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2020 Top Measure Changes for Ophthalmology

Using a combination of the 2020 Final Rule and the 2020 Measure...

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Our first review of the 2018 Cost Measure Field Testing

While there are many measures under review, the one that effects a...

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Create an EIDM account to view your MIPS Feedback Reports

Follow these steps to create an EIDM account. This will give you...

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HIPAA and MIPS: Explained as easily as humanly possible.

NOTICE: This was developed based on documentation from the AMA, and ...

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Approving us to access your CMS reports

MarsdenAdvisors can assist with the suprisingly complex process of...

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Creating an EIDM Account to access the QPP Program Website

The CMS Portal (EIDM) is where you can access all reports on how you...

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How to approve a surrogate to the Identity & Access Management System

In order for someone other than yourself to submit data to CMS, you...

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