What our Customers are Saying

Randy and his team are able to pinpoint issues that we weren't aware of, and develop solutions on the spot to address them. Their recommendations allow us to get the maximum return on investment out of our EHR (rather than just meeting the government requirements).

MIPS consulting

Viki Agvent

Practice Administrator, Southwest Eyecare

Switching practice management and EHR systems can be tough, especially when combining practices together. When we needed to get our patient information extracted out of two systems and merged into one, we called MarsdenAdvisors. They understood the urgency of our request and were able to turn it around in a matter of days.

MIPS success

Chris Garrett

Practice Administrator, Campus Eye Group

My favorite thing about using MarsdenAdvisors for MIPS is that I am confident that we are doing what we need to be doing at all times. They setup our EMR to meet the requirements based on how I document, they train my staff, and if we aren't doing something right, they tell us.

MIPS consultant

Dr. George Reiss

Managing Partner, Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Arizona